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Recently I’ve been thinking about the state of my skin. It’s not bad, quite good actually with just the occasionally spot and sometimes it’s a little shiny. But I thought about what I was using cleansing my skin to remove the day’s make-up and dirt. I’ve been using Simple face wipes purely for the convenience […]

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I recently read an interesting article, about how women get a more positive response from people, be it your boss, colleague, your partner or even friends, just by wearing make-up. The article talks about how the more make-up a woman wears, the more people will think that shes capable and trustworthy. Sure, looking like a […]

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These are some stills taken from Chanel’s advertising campaign created by Peter Philips, Who is director at the chic French fashion house. It was made for Nowness.  

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Lipgloss? Forgot it. A new lipstick with rich colour with a velvety sheen? Pass on that. Lipstains? Skip it. Because another new make-up craze for this year is Lip Tattoos; yes, Lip Tattoos! Although they’re only temporary, it’s a great way to add another weapon to your make-up arsenal to make yourself stand out from […]

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Last month it was my birthday! Now I won’t disclose my age, but I’m still in my twenties. This is one of the presents that I got! I love the fragrance of this perfume, it’s so fresh and floral! And the daisy is cute too, perfect to join the other perfumes in my collection.   […]

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  If you like wearing their clothes and accessories, now you can wear them on your nails too! But I wonder if they’re as runny/watery as Topshop’s own brand nail polish. Still, the colour selection looks good enough with the brand logo to make me almost want to buy them? But I’ve got my eye […]