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More Make-up = More Success?
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I recently read an interesting article, about how women get a more positive response from people, be it your boss, colleague, your partner or even friends, just by wearing make-up. The article talks about how the more make-up a woman wears, the more people will think that shes capable and trustworthy. Sure, looking like a panda might give a cause for doubt if you were a sales person, as you might not look as bright-eyed or healthy as someone who is wearing minimal make-up just to cover up minor flaws just to look presentable. I agree with wearing minimal make-up to look more presentable and not resemble a ghost/panda/zombie, but to go OTT and be super glamorous? Every. Single. Day. And just for work? That sounds like too much effort to me. Save it for the weekend or special/social occasions. Because really, if you go all out to paint your face for work, what are you aiming for? To close that deal or to get a new partner? Here’s the article on that got me thinking.

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