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Glossybox vs Graze

GlossyBox vs Graze… I bet you’re wondering what the hell I’m on about! If you’re a health freak like moi (eating healthily, with the odd indulgence but generally eating a little of everything in moderation) then you might have heard of Graze. You can either claim your free first box of tasty treats and nibbles from a friend recommendation, or you can purchase a voucher and select what types of nibbles you want to receive,  or sign up to receive a box every so often for £3.49 per box. Graze will then send you a box which contains 4 little snack boxes filled with anything ranging from Greek olives, nuts and seeds, flapjacks to dried fruit with chocolate buttons. Perfect for work and you get peckish around 11am, or even later on in the afternoon. It can also be the healthy alternative to a snack for any time of the day, wherever you are.



Now, onto GlossyBox. It works in a similar principle in that you sign up, pay £10 every month and each month they will send you a range of sample products from various beauty companies, so you will receive a cute box with make-up, hair care, body care and all kinds of creams, lotions and potions. It could save you lots of money, and still allow you to try numerous different products and when you do find something you like, you have the option to buy the full sized product from the same company who sell GlossyBox’s. It might be a little expensive for some, spending £10 per month on the Russian roulette of beauty products, but if it’s not, then it’s probably perfect for you if you want to keep up to date with the latest beauty trends, along with notes and tricks and tips on how to use them.

I myself have signed up to Graze, but now I’m thinking of stopping it because I simply don’t eat it fast enough. I tend to eat three meals a day, and hardly nibble on any kind of snacks in between meals. So I might just switch to buying vouchers and just pick the ones that I want (which you can do anyway, or pick ones you might like to try and they will send you a surprise mix). I’m tempted to try this GlossyBox, which they say you can cancel your subscription at any time as there is no contract to your memebership. Graze also goes by the same rule, allowing customers to cancel their subscriptions whenever they wish. The only difference, besides one selling food and the other beauty products, is GlossyBox doesn’t allow you to pick and choose which products you want to try, or even would like to try. They make the monthly selections for you. I think I will monitor my bank balance for a short while then decide if I want to sign up to GlossyBox.


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