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Recently I’ve been thinking about the state of my skin. It’s not bad, quite good actually with just the occasionally spot and sometimes it’s a little shiny. But I thought about what I was using cleansing my skin to remove the day’s make-up and dirt. I’ve been using Simple face wipes purely for the convenience and because I can quickly and easily remove make-up and clean my skin. However I’ve been wondering about if using wipes everyday was harsh for my skin, so I began looking at other types of cleansers.

I had sensitive/oily skin as a teenager, and thought I still had, but thought I’d give this cleanser Sebium H2O a go. I bought the combination or oily skin one. And you know what? It effectively and easily removed my make-up and cleansed my skin! It made my skin look really matt, clean and clear! Despite also being dry to the touch, it had me worried that it even stripped what little natural oils my skin needed to look healthy. But it doesn’t feel tight, like it would with a harsh cleaner. Tried using it to remove my eye make-up, and although it doesn’t sting, my eye felt a little… too dry? So even though it’s great for the face, I wouldn’t recommend using it on your eyes. It’s easy to use, just dab some onto a cotton wool ball and gently wipe all over the face.



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