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Bioderma: Pink Cleanser
Categories: Beauty


I bought this cleanser because I thought that the green one was working just a little too well, effectively drying out my skin and making it feel dry after using it for a while. I know I have sensitive skin, but it also gets oily on the T-Zone areas, so it’s quite a pain. So in my quest for a cleanser which will also be kind to my skin and remove make-up, I thought I’d try this one for Normal to Sensitive skin, also by Bioderma. On application it feels great, nice and cool and removes make-up/dirt well, almost melting it away. After using it for a while though, I noticed that while my skin did have a ‘glowing’ appearance, it felt a little rough to the touch. Strange… So I used my old cleaner again, Simple face wipes, and my skin was back to it’s normal softness. My guess is that while this cleanser is good at removing make-up, and seems to be controlling my super shiny skin, it probably blocks pores. Either that or my skin still needs to get used to it. I’ll use it some more and see if it happens again. Hope not, because it seems to be doing a good job otherwise.

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