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Dainty Doll
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As I am on theĀ  hunt for a mushroomy-browny-greyish kind of colour eyeshadow, I found this little gem in Boots. As most of you may well know, Dainty Doll is a make-up brand created by Girls Aloud singer, Nicola Roberts for pale skinned girls such as herself. I am quite pale so I thought this might just do the job and end my hunt for the perfect mushroomy colour.


The packaging is quite cute, with a Matisse-like girl with long bendy limbs in underwear, and classic gold font on a matte black box. Nice and classy.


Although the actual eyeshadow compact looks a little ‘blah’.


Here it looks like the perfect colour that I’ve spent a while looking for now. Except… when I tried it on it virtually disappeared into my skin colour! That’s not to say I have mushroomy-browny-grey skin colour. Just that it’s neither too grey, brown or whatever. So somewhat disappointing, it doesn’t really do much in terms of highlighting, creating a smokey effect or even an enhanced natural effect. The only good thing is the powder is very finely milled and so feels very soft on the skin.

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1 Comment to “Dainty Doll”

  1. GRed says:

    I have a pale complection and recently tried the Barry M mushroom eyeshadow – its great!