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Violise Lunn
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If Zoe Bradley takes the Japanese art of Origami and fuses it with Western culture, throwing in some very dramatic and elaborate dresses and thrusting it into our attention, the Violise Lunn, must be the opposite. She is a Danish fashion designer who focuses on individual pieces rather than trends, and working with paper is also one of her interests.

But this is where the similarities end though, because Violise Lunn’s reative style cound’t be more different. Or English, should I say. most of her paper art is influenced by Old English styles, as evident in the photos.

All images are from Violise Lunn.

You get a sense of granduer, decadence, and a lost time of oppulance in history.

Zoe Bradley is all sharp edges and angles echoing Origami, whereas Violise Lunn is about soft and floaty silhouettes, splashed with colour to bring it to life.

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2 Comments to “Violise Lunn”

  1. jette says:

    Violise Lunn is a Danish designer, not Dutch. 🙂