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Violet Darkling

Oooh how I just love this jewellery! The designs are just so unique, stylish, trendy, totally against the normal conventions of jewellery design. A little unorthadox perhaps, what with the use of animal skulls as a focal point, but different nonetheless. And it’s this difference which caught my eye while I was browsing on some of my favourite blogs and websites. My favorites are the ring above, and the spider and bow earrings. Imagine receiving something like this as a gift? That’s be my kind of heaven.

Louisa Richwhite is the mastermind designer, from New Zealand, who creates these gorgeous and quirky jewellery. Mostly inspired by things and creatures in the night, and also by spending time living in New Zealand, Switzerland and England. This is definitely one name to keep your eye on, and worth adding to your wishlist.

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