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The Sound of Music!
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Ha! Bet you thought that was going to be a homage to the much loved Julie Andrews classic didn’t you? Well this post is going to be along the same vein – music wise that is. Lately I’ve been getting more interested in the instrumental versions of songs that I like, so if something catches my ear when I hear a nice song, I’m tempted to YouTube it to seek out the instrumental version. Sure, instrumental songs themselves, without a vocal version original, do sound good, sometimes an instrumental version played with classical instruments does sometimes sound otherworldly. I had mentioned my liking of instrumentals version of songs, played by wood wind string instruments but the piano in particular, and was given some tickers for free piano lessons as a Christmas present! Brothers can be cool sometimes. Nah, mine is cool most of the time haha.

I’ve since changed piano teachers to the one I started off with using the free lesson tokens (let’s just say they weren’t very good…) and my current teacher is great, is classically trained and has an acoustic piano which I’m envious of. I myself had bought an electric piano for myself, because as amazing sounding as acoustics are, they can cost infinitely more. Of course price, brand and quality are all subjective to how deep your own pockets are and what you can fit in your own home, but you can get some reasonably priced electric ones which are still pretty decent for the lower end of the price scale. Anyhow, I decided to carry on with the lessons because there’s something about being lost in the music and forgetting about everything for a while as you play, which can be akin to reading, gaming, colouring etc, but to continually learn and play better, especially when it’s a piece you like to hear, gives so much satisfaction and enjoyment. Plus at least I can try to stop my eyes from getting even more square, and is a nice break from having to stare at a computer screen all day long, or even looking at my mobile. Oh, and it feels great to be able to bash out a tune you know and can play well from memory. That’s why I play. Do you play an instrument?


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