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The future is bright… The future is GLASS.
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No I’m not just taking the mickey out of the famous Orange slogan (but it is funny though). And after watching this video about how in the future, everything we see, do and touch can all depend on a glass interface. You might be thinking that it’s not really such a big deal or new thing. But considering that the iPhone already uses a thin glass inerface with touch screen technology, and how it’s been predicted within the next 50 odd years we’ll also have flexible screens which pull out of our smart phones, is the idea really so far fetched?

But having said that, and being both curious and interested to see if and when this technology will actually happen, I don’t think I’d want to have a computer/tv screen in my bathroom instead of the usual mirror. However I do think that the tinted windows turning transparent when the alarm goes off is a very cool concept.  Also I love how you can find the way to somewhere on a virtual map at the local bus stop, and place your phone onto it to transfer the information onto your smart phone!

And… somebody could also just as easily steal your glass smart phone once you’ve downloaded the information you need. OR… when your smart phone is connected to a public user interface, they can also just as quickly steal all of your personal data! Or worse, give your smart phone viruses. Not to mention what would happen if you ever dropped your glass smart phone. And also, with the reality of the negative sides of society, most or all of these glass creations (the interactive, informative bus stop, for example) would probably be broken in a matter of days if not weeks. And the family that is shown to be using this technology in the video, can only be described as the most affluent because everything they own is made of this interactive glass interface. Realistically these kind of new innovations are more than likely to cost more than your house and car combined, (if you want it all that is).

But this is all hypothetical, conceptual theory. At least for the time being.

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1 Comment to “The future is bright… The future is GLASS.”

  1. Awesome video! The thing is, most things in this video actually exists right now, it’s just so surprising how slow companies are at making this for us consumers.