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Smokin Hot! Fast cars and even faster heels!
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Girls love shoes… and guys love cars… So what would happen if you combined the two? Smoking hot heels!  Tim Cooper is the brains behind such an innovative concept, bringing two different loves together. He has created two car inspired designs so far, the first being a Lamborgini.


The second idea is a police car, though personally I prefer the Lamborgini design. Somehow the police idea makes me think of Transformers.. Only for the brave and bold of us, these heels will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. There’s no doubt that if these were in production it would significantly increase your pulling power.

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2 Comments to “Smokin Hot! Fast cars and even faster heels!”

  1. Lenette says:

    OMG!!! Are they for sale? I love them!

  2. dharinee says:

    where can i buy a pair! Damnnnn those are good looking heels!!