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Shoes part 2: Origami shoes part 2
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These weird and brilliant creations were the result of a collaboration between Melissa, who make gorgeous rubber shoes (I myself own the red peep toe flats with Tinkerbell print in black), and Gaetano Pesce, an Italian architect and designer. The theory goes, that you can cut away parts of the shoe that you don’t want and so create a new style. So you could start the day by wearing these ankle boots in the morning, decide you want flats by midday and end up with sandals in the evening! Yes my idea is about as sane and fun as this innovative shoe design. But I think it really is as creative as you can be, being made from rubber and letting the wearer customise it to their hearts content. Not sure if it’s in circulation yet, and it could be while before it gets the go ahead for mass production. In any case I’ll place my orders now; I want the red one and nude coloured one please! Oh ok then, I’ll take the clear one as well. Nothing like transparent footwear hey?


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