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Shoes part 1: Origami Shoes
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Fashion Designers nowadays make beautifully ornate shoes to adorn your feet (just think about the practicality later…) But then, what is practicallity when shoes look so gorgeous? These Origami shoes are a little 80’s what with their bold bright colours and big chunky shapes, but these are literally works of art. I myself admire the art of Origami, and I can make a few things, a butterfly, a leapfrog and stars out of straws. And then I stumbled upon these designers who merge the old Japanese art of folding paper, with shoes. The results are very cool.

These remind me of Lady Gaga and her mirror masquarade mask in Poker Face. These beauties (or weird things) were created by  designer Andreia Chaves from Sao Paulo. Mirrors completely cover the surface of these wedge heels, which reflects everything around it. Meaning you can both dazzle and make your feet disappear.



The coloured origami shoes were created by Mathieu Missiaen, a French artist. It was a project with Make a Paper World.



These two were taken for a shoot for ION Magazine.

My favourite are these by French design duo Le Creative Sweatshop, and after browsing their website I think they’re simply amazing. These white shoes remind me of Lady Gaga and her eccentric style. They make lots of other things by folding paper, and I just thought I’d share it with you.


Origami EIN/TRITT shoes by designer Catherine Meuter, which are very eye-catching to say the least, with their architectural shape and ‘invisible’ heel.

Aren’t these traditional Japanese clogs just so cute?

Charlotte Olympia Origami Shoes from the Big In Japan Collection. Although this is probably more practical yet still retains most of what makes it an ‘origami shoe’. But beautiful shoes are never very practical, really are they? And who says you can’t wear paper?

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