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Savage Beauty
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If you are lucky enough to live in New York or somewhere near it in America, then you’ll be able to go the the exciting fashion exhibition Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, by The Costume InstituteĀ  at the MET Museum! The exhibition is to showcase the best designs from the late designer’s collections spanning his whole career.

Some of the photos where his designs are displayed in groups with a themed setting, I find those ones to be a little creepy because it reminds me of scenes from the Silent Hill film, particularly the scene where the woman is crawling on the floor, cautious not to make a single sound otherwise the eerie, masked and blind nurses will stab her.

But aside from that, the rest of the dresses are beyond beautiful, ethereal and skilled in terms of design and creative talent. Each tells an amazing visual story, creating a feast for the eyes.

Sadly none of these images belong to me, I just read about this and so I googled this amazing exhibition, because I wanted to write about it and post it on my blog. Anyways, enjoy! This fabulous exhibition runsĀ  from May 4th until July 31 2011, so there’s still time to go see it!


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