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Matches : Passion
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I like this piece of… art? Sculpture-made-with-matchsticks? Because having studied a little about Fine Art, sometimes I can see the meaning behind a piece or it conjures up a lot of different thoughts and ideas. This is such a piece. It’s called Matches:Passion and was created by Pei-San Ng, and she’s a Taiwanese born architectural designer / multimedia artist in LA. The fact that it’s made of matches alone signifies to me that love can happen suddenly, and burst to life like how the flame does when it’s stuck on a surface. Or how it can hurt you and burn you, thus leaving scars (albeit emotional ones which can’t be see). It can be a physical metaphor for how love can be passionate and fiery, or hot and dangerous. I could sit here and waffle on about this all day lol. But anyhow, that’s what came to my mind at first glance. What did you think of?

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