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Laser Cut Paper Bra
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Nowadays anything is pretty much… possible. At Uni I knew about some fashion students who were using the new laser-cutting machine to create beautiful yet intricate lace designs on their creations. It’s amazing because this machine will translate the students designs while also saving them precious time. But have you heard of, or even seen, a laser-cut paper bra?

This unique idea was created by Bodil Jane Kleipool, who is a Dutch illustration student. The outcome is something  delicate and fragile like lace, which is further emphasized by the paper material she uses. What I like most is the intricate designs made possible by the laser-cutting machine. Kleipool has explored this idea using other materials, like other types of paper, leather and felt. This is literally, a piece of art.

The laser-cut paper bra and all photos belong to Bodil Jane Kleipool.

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