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Japanese 3D Nail Art
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Nail art; what comes to mind when you think about these two words? It’s no longer just about fancy, intricate patterns being painted onto your talons, although if you went to a professional nail salon then that’s proabably what  you’d get. However if you wanted to be a little more adventurous to stand out from the crowd, take a look at what trends are doing the rounds now to up the ante. Course you might not be able to do much if you decide to go for an extremely fancy design such as these, which seem to be very popular with Japanese girls. It’s 3D nail art, taking it up another level and going beyond just sticking cute things and jewels onto your nails.

One word springs to mind; stereoscopic. No it has nothing to do with science, well not literally, but rather a mixture is made then applied over your nails and before it dries, to create any shape and form you wish . For example those super cute and delicate flower petals; beforehand each petal would have been made by hand, then put together to form a flower and glued into place on the nails. This nail trend was born during mid-9’s Japan, and has since spread and became popular all over the world.


A French manicure consists of three colours; flesh tone, white tips and gloss to make them shiny. It’s evolved enough now to include some 3D into it, albeit some gems and cute buttons or brightly coloured fruit, but with stereoscopic it’s about extending the nail by roughly one or two inches beginning from the end of your finger.

From these pictures it looks like it has more to do with sculpture and 3D-ing everything and anything just for your fingertips. And why not if you can?


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