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Japanese 3D Nail Art 2
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Now these are what I’d call “wearable” nail art! This is just to show my appreciation for this beauty trend, continuing from the last post, also about 3D Japanese Nail Art. The first image would be perfect for a special occassion, whilst the red maple has a slightly more relaxed feel about it.

So what is nail art about? Well it’s not something that would be considered a luxury, but more of a luxury due to the time, money and effort required to create designs such as these, whether you do them yourself or by going to a salon. I don’t wear false nails or use 3D nail art, simply because I find it impractical and expensive. But I have admired cool designs worn by friends, and I like a trendy design when I see one. It’s probably one of those things, like wearing high heels, where it has more to do with showing how affluent you are, for example someone who always wears high heels (stereotypically) probably doesn’t walk very much, always going door-to-door instead. And things like nail art, I guess, would have to be re-done every few weeks as they would chip, fade or a jewel might have fallen off.

What are your thoughts about nail art?

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