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Interactive T-shirts


Ok so you can by all sorts of fashion today, even the humble t-shirt has a myriad of design choices to offer, from metallic prints, hollographic, 3D, texture and so on. But how about an interactive t-shirt? These t-shirts by Shikisai are interactive because they have printed designs in simple black and white, with an added extra feature which makes them unique.




What is “interaction”? Well it’s basically when someone acts upon something, or acting with someone. An exchange of ideas through words in conversation, but with these Shikisai t-shirts, it’s through materialistic fashion. Like the game of Reversi below, you can challenge someone to a game or just challenge yourself. It’s a novel way to show your fun side and to not take life too seriously, or even a chance to strike up a conversation with a stranger.




My favourite is the umbrella one. Which is your favourite?


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