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Indulge Yourself
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I was eating out with some friends and the desserts we’d ordered had arrived. Everything looked delicious and most agreed that the humble chocolate brownie (pictured. This is also my own photo) was probably the best (although it did have stiff competition from a walnut tart, hazelnut ice cream, lemon pie and chocolate coffee slice). One of my friend’s said ‘Yeah it’s tasty, but I don’t see what the big deal is about a chocolate brownie.’ So then I told him it’s more of an indulgence, since it’s very chocolatey and rich in flavour. Which got me thinking about what other things could seen as being ‘indulgent.’




What is indulgence? Is it when we have more than we need? Or having what we can do without? Alot of the things that most of us have are material things used to improve our lifestyles, but few are seldom things which we need. A mobile phone is useful and handy, so are computers, cars and the latest fashion. But do we really need to have the latest model with the best specs? Probably not, but because we can, we often do. I mean why not if you can afford it? Any self respecting person would want the best for themselves and their families. It’s like keeping up with the Jones.


The false eyelashes above would add that extra edge to any outfit, and even though it’s more of a want than a need, and as impractical as the paper lashes are, I like them more because they’re more unique.


Mikimoto Pearls; The Debutante Collection

Very decadent, elegant and… grand? Maybe it’s due to the association with “Débutantes” that those words sprung to mind. (And the word also makes me think of the Débutante Ball as seen in Gossip Girl, season 3 episode 9). It used to be when young girls came of age and were presented to a monarch with their ‘debut’ into high society. It was also a way for them to find suitable husbands and vice versa.

Aaah… Ben & Jerry’s. The famously delicious brand of ice cream synonymous with kooky flavours and recipes. My personal fave is Fish Food and Cherry Garcia. This made it here because although you could easily just buy a cherry swirl soft scoop ice cream instead of this flavour, I’d argue that this is really one of those things were it’s the brand with the weird and wonderful flavoured ice creams that matter.

Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

Ok so going to the cinema to watch a film is probably more of a luxury than indulgence, but the point I’m making is going to see  ballet. An art usually reserved for the rich and wealthy, be it admirers, students or professionals of this art. Being a part of something like this has some kind of prestgious connotations that comes with being involved or linked to ballet.

Now this isn’t just in here because I’m a fan of The Vampire Diaries, but because watching a TV show you enjoy is indulging your wants, somewhere to escape to for an hour. Now about wants and needs, for me the difference is that a want is a selfish desire for something, for example you want the best dress for yourself, then hope no one else will be wearing the same one to an event. A need is something like food, it’s more important as it’s more of a necessity. So that’s why having something you don’t need but want, and a good example would be a chocolate brownie, is indulgent.

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