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Hanwen Shen: Erogenous Zones
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Who says metal cant be beautiful and creatively organic? I stumbled across this whilst surfing on the web one day, and thought this had to be on my blog. Hanwen Shen who studied a BA in Jewellery, then followid it up by studying an MA in Artefact at London College of Fashion. The basis of this collection is the Erogenous Zones, focusing on the back of the body and the nape of the neck. But rather than just making cute or feminine accessories to adorn the nape, Hanwen Shen’s work can be considered a rebelling to the traditonal notions of what is compatible with feminity, namely things like lace, silk, velvet, and other soft and luxurious materials. So instead the use of fluid shapped, organically shaped alien-like neck pieces are both facinating and tribal. Tribal because of the way some of the pieces have such pointy ends, some coil around like curved metal snakes while some sit like liquid metal collars. She manages tomerge hair decorations and nape pieces into jewellery that can also pass for art.









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