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Vanishing Perfume
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The designer fashion label Boudicca has a revolutionary new perfume called Wode. The magic about this new perfume, is that it sprays on blue and then turns invisible!


The bottle alone is enough to make it a coveted cult fashion accessory, and it also shows the inspiration for both the perfume’s title and colour transition. Already it’s been touted as a ‘Art Fragrance’. The colour blue refers to the blue she wore into battle, fitting for her as she was also believed to be of royal descent, and as we know blue was traditionally worn by royalty. It also has reference to ‘blue blood’ in nobles, historically because only wealthy people had a healthy diet, hence the blue veins.

Wode has two meanings; ‘wood’ and ‘mad’. It contains hemlock, a type of poison which was used by Boudicca to kill herself when she lost her last war. The Warrior Queen was rumured to be mad, but I bet that’s just because people were scared of her fierce ferocity.

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1 Comment to “Vanishing Perfume”

  1. cybele says:

    Think its a shame that our british history that should be seen with great respect and Bodicca’s name made into a fashion label is a shame really. She wasn’t mad. She was a warrior woman , which wasn’t at all unusual for the time, but she was a great one.