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Exotic Regrets
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I bet anybody making anything in the vampire genre will want to own these bad boys. In a way they represent everything from the “dark side” – sex, bondage, domination, kinky, power, sex appeal, attitude, bad ass. These are hand made to order, by  French designer Aoi Kotsuhiroi and is from her collection called Exotic Regrets. I like them because they are fierce and kinky, full of attitude and sex appeal. Not really practical but hey, what beautiful shoes are? I guess with things like these, you have to sacrifice something, either comfort for beautiful shoes, or have the most amazing shoes which are painful. A lot of us like to look our best, or have things which nobody else has, and if you can afford it, what better way to do that than with these heels? The seven-inch lacquered horns used as the heel, is literally a weapon in itself!

The nakedness of the foot looks a little erotic because of the bare skin on super high spiky heels, tied only by thick string meant to wrap all around the foot and ankle. In a sub-text it probably has a dash of dominatrix as well, since the feet has to be bound so much, as you seen in this photo and the one after that.

“Feet Objects: Urushi Lacquered Horns (Heels & Ankles Bracelet), Urushi Lacquered Cherry Tree Wood,  Leather.

Colour: Black.” Extract and all photos belong to

But I loooove these super high heels! They would make the perfect photoshoot, along with some whimsical dresses by Rodarte or something amazing by Proenza Schouler, some accessories like this claw ring, and make-up by MAC of course and shot by Mario Testino.

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