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GlossyBox vs Graze… I bet you’re wondering what the hell I’m on about! If you’re a health freak like moi (eating healthily, with the odd indulgence but generally eating a little of everything in moderation) then you might have heard of Graze. You can either claim your free first box of tasty treats and nibbles […]

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Just watch… and remember it’s just an MV! Cool huh?! All those bright coloured lines remind me of Tron, and story of a guy creating a humanoid robot reminds me of a really old Godzilla movie, where a mad scientist creates a robot that looks and acts like a real girl, but her insides are […]

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  I’ve watched this film a coupe weeks ago, and I must say… that it is… AMAZING!! The plot, the story, acting, everything! Well the story especially, because as the saying goes ‘time is money’ but how about when it also becomes ‘money is time’? The simple idea that in a world where there are […]

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This is just a sneak peak at the new A/W 2011 collection from one of the creator’s of exquisite luxury fine jewellery, Pandora: Nostalgic Rock! With this collection of 14k soild gold earrings with add on details and sparkling diamonds, 2 sterling silver bracelets, that have a touch of edgy punk and the charm of […]

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I really liked his song ‘The A Team’… until I realised it was about a heroin addict in a dire situation. Still think it’s a good song, but it’s not one of my favourites anymore. Just don’t like the song’s subject, although the rhythm is good. This song seems very mellow and quite relaxed which […]

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As a fan of K-Pop, aka Korean Pop songs, my love for this music has grown to expand beyond the relms of BoA and Rain (though I still like them). Somehow, through some searching on YouTube for other K-Pop or J-Pop, I have stumbled upon a new South Korean trio called Clazziquai, who are also […]

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Aaah I wanna see him… in concert so bad! Never really gave much thought about this singer in the past, although I did really like ‘Broken Strings’. I like his voice a lot, it’s very unique and this song seems to emphasize it more. Might have to get his album!

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Here’s another selection to brighten up your dreary/deadly/boring Monday!

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Love the song, it reminds me of Epik High’s old materials, yet still has something about it which makes it new and different. The video is a different story though… very dark..