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Recently I’ve been thinking about the state of my skin. It’s not bad, quite good actually with just the occasionally spot and sometimes it’s a little shiny. But I thought about what I was using cleansing my skin to remove the day’s make-up and dirt. I’ve been using Simple face wipes purely for the convenience […]

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Can’t get enough of this song! It’s a cool and fun party tune!

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I recently read an interesting article, about how women get a more positive response from people, be it your boss, colleague, your partner or even friends, just by wearing make-up. The article talks about how the more make-up a woman wears, the more people will think that shes capable and trustworthy. Sure, looking like a […]

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<3 <3 <3  This beat! And the lace sleeves/tattoos on AI!    

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I was obessesed with this song as soon as my I heard it! Sounds like one of those songs that should be shown in a slow-action scene in a blockbuster film.

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Who says metal cant be beautiful and creatively organic? I stumbled across this whilst surfing on the web one day, and thought this had to be on my blog. Hanwen Shen who studied a BA in Jewellery, then followid it up by studying an MA in Artefact at London College of Fashion. The basis of […]

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Getting sunshine deserves some lazy funky beats!