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Summer ain’t over yet! At least not on my blog! This will help you relax as we still have the last of the Summer rays.

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These are some stills taken from Chanel’s advertising campaign created by Peter Philips, Who is director at the chic French fashion house. It was made for Nowness.  

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As you may already know, if you are a regular visitor to my blog, or have browsed my music selection, you might have noticed that I have a K-Pop addiction. What is K-Pop? Well it’s Korean Pop music, featuring both solo artists and groups. Mainly artists from South Korea, their music has such a strong […]

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As soulful as music can be, and every inch filled with smooth grooves. This is my pick of the week, for today’s Music Monday! Enjoy this and savour the last of the Summer rays.

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If like me you’re a sushi lover, needing a regular trip to a Japanese restaurant to get your sushi fix, you’ll probably have noticed that sushi in itself is a type of art form. It’s presented in a way to look like art with clean lines and with harmonious elements, in terms of flavour, texture […]

These fantastic sweet creations are made by Italian born still life photographer Massimo Gammacurta, who worked together with luxury fashion houses to create this series of edible brands. My favourite is the MTV one, especially how the colour blends together and it dripped sideways.

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Trying to hang onto the last rays of Summer? Don’t despair, a cool tune is here!

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It’s safe to say that in the past year or so, cupcakes have had a sweet moment in fashion. It’s their time to shine, look amazing and… get munched! I have to say that most of these creations by world famous fashion designers are, for the most part, look extremely yummy! My favourites are the […]

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Found these online when I was window shopping online. The Kimono style jackets, by Beyond The Valley together with the awesome digital prints, makes me think the wearer may become a Fashion Jedi or a Fashion Samurai. It’s just such a flexible look, you can wear the silk kimono as shown with leggings, skinnies and […]

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Heard this on the radio while I was driving one day, and thought “I like these lyrics!” Though I don’t really rate the MV (Music Video) but tunewise, it’s great! Have a listen and see what you think.