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Aren’t these retro sweets just so cool! I was walking around the city today and discovered an old fashioned sweet shop, complete with wooden shelves filled with plastic containers which had all sorts of sweets in them. Most were old favourites I used to buy from my local corner shop. Thought I’d have a look […]

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As much as technicolour photos look fab, especially since smartphones now have even better cameras than the previous generation of mobiles, even good enough to rival a digital camera, there is always a certain charm about black and white photos. Maybe because a black and white photo will leave out any imperfections or minor flaws, […]

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This is is pretty amazing, to say that he can sing an entire song with just his voice and mouth alone! I’ve heard beat boxing with just your mouth is a skill in itself, but I think this takes it to another level!

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Just how cool would it be to have light bulbs like these in your house? Granted it won’t be as cheap as your average energy -saving light bulb, but if you’re going to design your own house from scratch, for example, then I would push the boat out and get at least one of these! […]

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I discovered this great song whilst driving and listening to the radio yesterday. Listening to this relaxing, chilled out tune on a sunny afternoon like this, it seems to make all your worries and troubles fade away as you travel.