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Lipgloss? Forgot it. A new lipstick with rich colour with a velvety sheen? Pass on that. Lipstains? Skip it. Because another new make-up craze for this year is Lip Tattoos; yes, Lip Tattoos! Although they’re only temporary, it’s a great way to add another weapon to your make-up arsenal to make yourself stand out from […]

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These gorgeous images were created by talented Natalie Shau from Lithuania, who works as a photographer and illustrator. The jewelery featured here were done for Lydia Courteille’s jewellery campaign, and together they make an enchanting, ethereal impression of fantasy and illusion. My favourite is Gemini which is the first image; which is yours?  

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While browsing on the shopping emporium that is ASOS, I found the uber cool label SUPERTRASH with beautiful and floaty clothes that are perfect for the summer, and especially for festivals. They’re just so gorgeous! If I was 2 feet taller I’d be wearing the dresses, but instead I’ll be rocking the other things like […]

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Last month it was my birthday! Now I won’t disclose my age, but I’m still in my twenties. This is one of the presents that I got! I love the fragrance of this perfume, it’s so fresh and floral! And the daisy is cute too, perfect to join the other perfumes in my collection.   […]

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I discovered this great song by South Korean girl group, SNSD aka Girls Generation and Soshi, while listening to Seoul FM for my fix of KPop. Sometimes English music (whether British or American) juuust doesn’t quite cut it in terms of quality music with a fresh and funky sound. Don’t get me wrong, artists like […]

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Summer… It’s the time of sun, sand and sea. Either abroad or somewhere local, you go to soak up some sun and maybe build some sand castles. Well forget that, because after you’ve seen this guy Jim Denevan‘s artwork in the sand, you might want to have a go yourself! The intricate and cool patterns […]

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For all you lovely visitors, plug in your headphones or simply turn up the volume to this amazing chill out track! Perfect for listening to while on the go, while you’re in the sunshine, plus shades and summer gear of course. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! ^_~ .