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So what do you think of when you think of Chanel? The classic No.5 perfume, the strings of pearls, the quilted handbags with the inter-locked C’s, and the breton stripes. Just about everything else produced by the house of Chanel is known for it’s feminine take on menswear, but a masculine take on femininity? Well […]

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Ahoy Matey! Swarovski have teamed up with Disney to create an amazing collection in time for the release of Pirates of the Carribean: On stranger tides. The range captures the essence of the film perfectly, with guns, swords, skulls and compasses among the icons studded with the famous crystals. They’re not too childish considering it’s […]

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The other day I met up with a friend for lunch at my favourite pub, The Orange Tree. I like it because it has a relaxed atmosphere, cool and kooky vintage decor and great food and drinks. Below is an order of Cucumber Collins and Lollipop, the the blue bucket with the white numbers is […]

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You start looking to buy summery things, like these blue flip flops. I love the colour and they’re so comfy!  

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I stumbled upon this very talented Ceramic Artist, Hayoon Kim. Ceramics are usually just the bog standard everyday kitchen ware and even utensils that a lot of us use everyday. She’s not the only one to use this medium to create works of art, but still I find the end results to be pretty amazing. […]

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Something happens and I’m head over heels, Ah, don’t take my heart, don’t break my heart, Don’t, don’t, don’t throw it away… Lovers of The Vampire Diaries, here’s a treat for you on Music Monday!

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Last month on a Bank Holiday, we decided to have a family day out, and someone suggested we go to Chatsworth after going to Holme Pier Point to watch pro wakeboarders. After an hour or so driving, we finally arrived at Chatsworth House.

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I bet anybody making anything in the vampire genre will want to own these bad boys. In a way they represent everything from the “dark side” – sex, bondage, domination, kinky, power, sex appeal, attitude, bad ass. These are hand made to order, by¬† French designer Aoi Kotsuhiroi and is from her collection called Exotic […]

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This is what we did for lunch yesterday; since we had some sunshine, we decided to have an Alfresco lunch outside in the garden. The food was a mixture of salad, fish, and¬†mediterranean vegetables. Almost makes me feel like I’m abroad!