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While browsing on some of my favourite blogs, I came across these works of art by BLEACH London, and I think they’re fab! Alex Brownsell, the creative director of the London salon responsible for making tie-dye, technicoloured hair that’s more colourful than Jacobs techni-coloured raincoat look cool, has opened his open salon spot in Topshop’s […]

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I think recently my music tastes have changed, and I like a different (maybe new?) style of music called electro. This week’s Music Monday feature’s the artist called Dev, who’se first single Booty Bounce was sampled in the now famous Far East Movement‘s Like A G6. Dev’s style can be translated as electro-pop, electro crunk […]

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By French designer Aoi Kotsuhiroi, these are from her NOWHERE collection. The way the jewellery’s been photographed, especially on her website, make me think of a fierce and independant tribal warrior Queen, whose style is influenced by both her surroundings and lifestyle. It’s as if the very tribal nature is reflected in the jewellery, and […]

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I know, I’m finding it hard to breathe, and I’ve been drowning in my own sleep, I feel a hate crashing over me, so rescue me…

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A friend was telling me about a new range of jewellery they had discovered, called Furry Bones. I find them cute in a wacky way. You’d need a sense of humour to wear these, as they’re probably not for everybody. As for me? I’d wear them! It also reminds me of an old cartoon that […]

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I’ve noticed something whilst browsing the internet shopping. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, rather I was nosy to see what’s currently out there in the shops (or even online). I know one of the trends for S/S 2011 is feathers, amongst other things such as shorts and sandals being made in a […]

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When I first heard this on Radio1 a month or so ago, when they play a new song by an unsigned/unknown artist or band, I thought this was well sung by a girl who calls herself Birdy (Jasmine Van den Bogaerde), who’s just 14 (yes really!), I also thought it was a little depressing/emotional for […]

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So you’ve seen what people have made using Lego as inspiration to make food. How about what people can create making food with Lego?  Now this is what I call creative!   Dim sum. Mmm sashimi! Sadly I didn’t make these, but they do look cool in a pixelated way! (image source   No… […]

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I was surfing the internet the other day and I came across something about Lego inspired food. Curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to Google it and see what came up. And this is what I’ve found! Might have to track down the recipe for making Lego gummy sweets and have a […]