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Also on the fashion radar is another make-up trend; the false lower lashes. Maybe avoid using feather lashes to avoid looking like a Panda like Agyness Deyn though! Zac Posen Spring 2011 Angela Chang (image source: Phillip Lim   Agyness Deyn

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Bah humbug! Monday again huh? Never fear, Music Monday is here! XD It looked like it was a lot of fun filming/making this video. And have you noticed Rihanna is wearing PINK LATEX suspenders? Ooh la la!

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Something to relax to as the weekend draws to a close. Enjoy!

While I was looking at what the new make-up trends are for S/S 2011, I found these! This is a new trend that I’ve caught wind of! Never mind using ordinary false eyelashes, or even fancy ones; why bother blending in when you can use feather eyelashes and really make a statement? Shu Uemura Wearing […]

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When I first heard about this sort of thing that Japan had a couple years ago, I was in awe and wished we could also have this technology. I thought it was cool, and undoubtedly it would make life that little bit more convenient. But now that it’s here, and some mobile companies are gearing […]

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I was looking through a fashion and lifestyle magazine the other day, and read about the latest make-up trends. So I decided to look it up in more detail on Google. And I discovered these gorgeous finds! Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura Shu Uemura; Tokyo Lash Bar   Kakuyasu Ushiide

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They say that we can only access a mere 20% of our brains. So why can’t we use our full potential, and have access to all 100% of our brains? Isn’t that why we’ve evolved so much and come so far? Imagine what we could do as individuals, and what we can achieve as a […]

And here we thought la Moss’s star was starting to fade… well that was the rumour, along with the one about her contract with Topshop coming to an end…  She still looks amazing and imagine having a boudoir like that, with prized haute couture pieces just littered everywhere! Well here it is!

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Another selection from yours truly to alleviate the Monday Blues, for Music Monday!

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I was eating out with some friends and the desserts we’d ordered had arrived. Everything looked delicious and most agreed that the humble chocolate brownie (pictured. This is also my own photo) was probably the best (although it did have stiff competition from a walnut tart, hazelnut ice cream, lemon pie and chocolate coffee slice). […]