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Recently I went to Jamie’s Italian with a bunch of friends. The food looked and tasted sooo good, that I thought I’d share it with you. I will try and describe what each dish is! Here it is! Jamie’s Italian! From where we sat, we could see this; and yes they do cut all the […]

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Ah yes. Welcome back Mr. Sunshine! We’ve missed you so much over these past cold, dreary, windy Winter days! The photo was taken last Friday, and last week was so sunny and warm, it made me feel like I was back in Marbella again… I guess no matter where you live, having some sunshine will […]

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(This is an original image taken by me. Please do not copy). This was what I had for lunch yesterday, it was a rare sunny day in late March so we decided to have salad. Ok so I’ll desrcibe the delicious morsels to you. From the top left going clockwise; mixed salad with rocket and […]

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This is my current favourite song! Something for Music Monday to you cheery you up start of the week! When I first heard it I had an inkling it was Fergie who sings the main chorus. Blends beautifully with the upbeat rythm of the song. Like how it was filmed in Japan, and the country […]

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What do you get, when you have a water company like Evian who asks a designer like Issey Miyake to design a limited edition bottle? A super surreal and psychedelic advertisment, one which blurs the boundaries between normal and fantasy.

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A couple of my friends are getting married soon, three friends this year, and one next year, (one is only a year older, and the others are a few years older than me). Nearly every time I see them, or when there is a big get together, the sort where everybody who’s anybody actually turns […]

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She’s got style, bling, fashion, a strong singing voice and dance moves which would be stiff competiton for the likes of Diversity. Sorry guys I’m sure you’re great and you are talented, but this girl can sing and dance and she’s just a one woman band! Oh and don’t forget her style and fashion sense. […]

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Do you recognise this famous face? You should – she’s been the female lead in the blockbuster adaption of Marvel’s Spiderman trilogy. Kirsten Dunst has been chosen to be the new face of Bulgari’s new fragrance Mon Jasmin Noir. Following fellow Hollywood actress Juliane Moore, who last year also posed naked with various animals including […]

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I stumbled upon Iris van Herpen, a fashion designer born in The Netherlands in 1984, who creates ethereal and whimsical outfits which looks like they belong to an art film such as the House of Flying Daggers; and the tribal and fierce designs worthy of a Quentin Tarentino film. There is even a ballerina like […]

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Now this is what I call creative cooking! I bet they person who made this thought of both the presentation and the flavours of this dish. True it might not be worthy of a Michelin Star, but it will make people smile and debate about whether to eat it or not. I think this takes […]