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Also known as Far*East Movement or FM, they’re based in LA and are made up of an Asian American quartet, creating electro-hop sounds. Prohgress, Kev Nish, DJ Virman and J-Splif (Jae Choung) make up the group. The material they produce now are a far cry from what they started with; just look up “Round Round’ […]

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These weird and brilliant creations were the result of a collaboration between Melissa, who make gorgeous rubber shoes (I myself own the red peep toe flats with Tinkerbell print in black), and Gaetano Pesce, an Italian architect and designer. The theory goes, that you can cut away parts of the shoe that you don’t want […]

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If Zoe Bradley takes the Japanese art of Origami and fuses it with Western culture, throwing in some very dramatic and elaborate dresses and thrusting it into our attention, the Violise Lunn, must be the opposite. She is a Danish fashion designer who focuses on individual pieces rather than trends, and working with paper is […]

Aah, one of the most talked about and anticipated films of this year. I was eager to watch it because it starred Natalie Portman, had ballerina costumes designed by Rodarte, and based on the classical ballet story, Swan Lake. However it’s not the kind of rom-com story you might expect, but rather it is both […]

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Don’t be scared of the creepy and strange green and purple fave with blue lips. No it’s not an extra off a new sci-fi film, unfortuantely, but rather its the fabulous new collection from MAC:Peacocky! A collection of vibrant and hot colours, obviously with ‘peacocky’ tones of blue, green, purple and golden brown, this Peacocky […]

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This is the best I can come up with in terms of video, but the presenter Charlie Brooker is pure genius! In this episode he tells us how, back in the day, TV adverts used to be for just that purpose – to sell a product. For example cooking shows were actually more about the […]

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This is Hatsune Miku, and one of the biggest singers in Japan. She has big eyes, is cute and has green hair, plus millions of adoring fans and hit records. And she is also virtual. Not such a big deal you say? Well no, not when there are other artist’s like The Gorillaz, but this […]

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Thought the art of origami is just folding paper into shapes? Think again as these creatives show you what else can be done just by folding paper! Le Sweatshop Completely impractical, but aren’t nearly all beautiful things?   Zoe Bradley; British artist and designer. In Raffles Beijing – Richard Nicoll, and Phi – Spring 2009 […]

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The designer fashion label Boudicca has a revolutionary new perfume called Wode. The magic about this new perfume, is that it sprays on blue and then turns invisible!   The bottle alone is enough to make it a coveted cult fashion accessory, and it also shows the inspiration for both the perfume’s title and colour […]