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2PM is my new favourite. Originally there were seven members in the group, but Jaebeom left due to  a controvertial comment made last year. This new South Korean boy band, probably look just like any other.  But for the past few days I’ve had their first album, 01:59PM, on loop. Why? Because as a fan […]

  “OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!!!” Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave lately, nearly everyone has heard of and was eagerly awaiting the release of the hotly anticipated remake of  lewis carrol’s classic, Alice in Wonderland, by Tim Burton. The genius who also directed films such as Edward Scissor Hands, Planet of the Apes, Charlie and […]

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  The other week on the radio, I heard the people at the Ugg company are making….. yes you might have guessed it, Uggs for men! As if there aren’t already lots of women’s products creating a more “masculine” version for their counterparts. Originally it was worn by men first, but then became hugely popular […]