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                        First it was Topshop that crossed the pond to conquer America. Now another one of our top British brands is also heading Stateside to try their luck. London’s very own All Saints is another homegrown brand launching an invasion. Known for their trademark […]

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BoA.  This Korean artist is one of the most well known  superstars in the South Korean and Japanese music circuit. I was looking on YouTube for new music videos by some of my favourite artists, when I saw BoA had released new singles, one of which was Possibility. Having already made a name for herself […]

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    Roxy has teamed up with JBL, one of the pioneers of high quality sound products to create a collection of over the ear head phones, in ear and ear-buds. The bright colours allow you to stand out but doesn’t compromise on the sound quality. It’s trendy enough to keep both fashionistas happy, while […]

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Time to spill the beans about what the fuss is all about regarding ToyWatch, the watch making company. Time and fashion are blended together by Mara Poletti and Marco Mavilla. Trendy yet with accute attetion to detail, mixing various materials to create anything to cater to anyone who wants to be noticed. The blue Mother […]

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Last Sunday I watched the first episode of Gossip Girl Season 3. Somehow this season has a kind of subdued atmosphere, missing the excitement of the previous seasons. Guess with a change in background, the transcension from High School to College calls for a different angle for the storyline. The characters seem to have had a […]

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Cheryl Cole. Aka X Factor Judge, Girls Aloud singer, Mrs. Cole… these are just some of the names we know her by.  She’s been part of Girls Aloud since around 2002, which ironically was formed by public votes on another reality tv show called Popstars: The Rivals. Now on the judging panel on X Factor, […]

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If you haven’t seen this already then I really recommend that you go see it. Although a sci-fi story it doesn’t contain too much sci-fi jargon so you won’t get lost half way into the film. Set in the future where its become the norm to have humanoids, Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent solving […]