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After a tough and stressful week at work, I met up with some friends for dinner to unwind, chillax and prepare for the weekend. First stop was at a local, very trendy and hipster Vietnamese cafe. It’s the only one of its kind in town, serving both food and amazingly deliciously unique cocktails that are […]

Categories: Uncategorized | Comments Off on Ever played on a GIANT piano? These guys play Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” on a giant matt piano on the floor. This would be amazing for exercise! It’s probably a great overall workout as you’re moving your entire body not just your hands.

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May contain some spoilers. The film was awesome!!!! So it picks up where it left off in terms of the very end clip of what happened at the very end of the 3rd Thor film. Thor and some of his people managed to escape a burning Asgard and flee to safety. This film begins in […]

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By the time I saw the film, I’d read 73% of the book by the time I saw the film. The book is slow and hard to get into, so kept forgetting to finish it. I liked how to the film starts as its different to the book. The book is a back to front […]

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Ha! Bet you thought that was going to be a homage to the much loved Julie Andrews classic didn’t you? Well this post is going to be along the same vein – music wise that is. Lately I’ve been getting more interested in the instrumental versions of songs that I like, so if something catches […]

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(Spoiler alert)   It’s cold. It’s getting dark. Halloween is around the corner. What better than to watch a gothic film? what looked like a rehash, of an over-rehashed film, was suprisingly good. combing gothic fantasy, some action and a sprinkling of romance, it made for a cool film. It does have some cheesy elements, […]

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Minor Spoiler alert.   This film is so awesome!! It’s so much better than the first prequel. More action, adrenaline, excitement! It’s one of those rare 2nd films in a trilogy, where it actually doesn’t disappoint by becoming a dull and boring filler before the grand final film. Surprising additions to the cast are Chinese […]

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  Just been to watch Captin America: The Winter Soldier. I must say I’m impressed. For a sequel film it’s actually very good, and is even better than the first. This 2nd one actually has got meat in it. A lot of meat. The identity of the winter soldier didn’t surprise me.. and if you’re […]

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Wow. Just been to see the Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire. And it is definitely better than the first one! Usually the 2nd film of a trilogy or a series of films is mediocre, so-so, kinda blah, like a filler, but this by far surpasses the first one! Much better action, twists, you really feel […]

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As someone with sensitive (and sometimes oily) skin, the quest to find the perfect cleaner that will both remove your make up and respect your skin is never ending. Especially as season’s change, situations change, and also depending on your mood and diet you would also have to factor in spots and pimples!   After […]